IC: The Holodisk

The game's in-character (IC) narrative.
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IC: The Holodisk


Post by DeepSpacer » Sat Jan 11, 2020 10:08 pm

The meeting with General Fentz is a pleasant one. It is at Cantina 571, again. The group’s reputation is well-known (perhaps falsely so!) by the doorman misidentifying you (6 Failures and a *Despair* on a CCDSS check) as someone of great importance. Apparently, he has mentioned it to others, giving you easier access upon your return.

The settings are opulent, the wait-staff courteous and obedient, and the food & drink far above average. After refreshments, the details of the last deal are explained and new opportunites presented. The General is dismayed that you are turning down the opportunity for another “job”. Given your recent success, he had been hoping to advance HIS position by having you work for him again. “Maybe another time?” he says optimistically.

“Was it an opportunity for many more credits?” thinks Commander Monty. Perhaps. But it is good to be out from under someone he thinks is probably corrupt. “Who knows?” thinks Monty. “The bloated bureaucrat could have set us up from the beginning!!!”

Walking outside Cantina 571, someone notices a lump in their trench coat pocket that was not there before. It appears as if someone has slipped a holodisk into BA’s pocket!

“Why Master Sai! When did YOU purchase a holodisk? Was it when I was deactivated?”
quips Caspo, the new protocol droid.
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