The game's in-character (IC) narrative.
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Post by DeepSpacer » Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:33 pm

Several days have passed as well-needed supplies were passed out to the survivors and enhancements made to the Red Dawn. Samoc Farr has been safely transported back to the Rebel base in the jungles of Darlyn Boda.

Commander Farr has called everyone together for what she says is an important meeting. Present are about 50 persons standing, and about 20-30 more wounded who were moved to within hearing range. Some 10-20 others were too critical to be moved. Toryn Farr served as the Chief Communications Officer at Echo Base, and before that, at Yavin 4. She stands atop a pile of empty crates to address the troops.

“During my time in Boda City looking after the health of my sister, Samoc, I was able to make contact with some of our allies in the Anoat Sector. I wanted to find out what has been happening in the galaxy while we’ve been here.”

“Our sources tell us that most Alliance personnel that fled Echo Base made it to the rendezvous point safely outside the Anoat Sector. Although, some key personnel are still unaccounted for…….including Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, the one who struck to fatal blow to the Emperor’s Death Star some time ago. The fate of those who were jettisoned in escape pods while over Hoth is still unknown. I will keep you updated if new information becomes available.”

“The Imperial Fleet, now under Admiral Piett, has left this sector in pursuit of the Rebel Fleet. Lord Vader has left Admiral Tindale in charge of the remaining Imperial forces here. Their orders are to locate and destroy any Alliance forces left behind. To that ends, the Admiral has initiated a blockade of the entire sector. The “Iron Blockade”, it is being called. All traffic and communication going in or out the sector is being intercepted and controlled by the Empire. I am afraid that we won’t be receiving help soon. We’re on our own.”

“BUT……. all has not gone well for the Empire since the blockade was initiated. There is sector-wide disgust among the populace with The Iron blockade. Trade is crippled, business stagnant, and mining operations have been suffering reduced activity. Citizens on Mexeluine have erupted into angry riots due to the loss of trade and commerce and the local government is at odds with what to do next. Around Gerrenthum, the capital of the sector, smugglers disabled the orbital security station to allow larger ships to escape the Empire’s clutches.”

“Those disturbances, combined with the loss of their fuel depot on Ione (thanks to Vesper, Helios, Cpt. Kettel, & crew), has pushed the Empire to its limit. We intend to push it further………push it over the edge!!! We need the rest of the systems to join in the rebellion.”

“To that ends, I will take the evidence gathered by Oona, Vesper, Helios, and Jameis and create a propaganda holovid to broadcast to Mexeluine, Gerrenthum, and all the remaining systems. In this presentation, I will present the evidence of Imperial atrocities on Ione and call on all systems to resist the Empire and join together in rebellion. “

“To do this, however, we’ll need access to a facility capable of broadcasting across the HoloNet. We’ll need access to the HoloNet Uplink Station on Gerrenthum. From there, it is possible to broadcast a transmission to the entire Anoat Sector, most of the Outer Rim, and, perhaps, the entire Galaxy!"

"This will NOT be an easy task! The HoloNet uplink codes will no doubt be in the hands of the Imperial Agents who supervise the station, most likely ISB Agents. One will need to acquire those codes, gain access to the broadcast transmitter, and send the message uninterrupted."

"Thankfully, the HoloNet Uplink Station is not a military-built secure, installation. It was civilian-built and run. As such, there may be ways to enter it (unseen) from the outside: a window, an unattended entryway, a sewer pipe, an air duct, etc… Civilians still run the station, but under tight Imperial supervision. It may also be possible to bribe an official to gain entry. Officials on Gerrenthum (both civilian AND Imperial) are notoriously corrupt."

"We’ll need a ship, a daring team of individuals, and a lot of luck."

"Any volunteers???"

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Post by swrider » Sun Jan 12, 2020 4:14 am

I volunteer my ship.

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