"Caspo" (NPC Droid)

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"Caspo" (NPC Droid)


Post by DeepSpacer » Sat Jan 04, 2020 5:20 am

"Caspo" C-AS-PO (Cyborg - A-Squad - Protocol)

Protocol Droid, Soak 3; WT 11; 1/1/2/1/2/3;
General Skills: Charm (1), Negotiation (1),
Knowledge Skills: Lore (1), Outer Rim (1), Warfare (1), Xenology (1)

Etiquette & Protocol: + Boost to Negotiation or mediation checks to self or allies
Kill with Kindness: remove Setback Die from Charm and Leadership checks

Positive Trait: Efficient "This droid abhors waste. and does everything in the most timely and precise manner it can muster." (Probably not what I would've wanted for a negotiation droid, but oh well.)

Negative Trait: Overly Literal "Many droids (and some organic sentients) fail to grasp the nuances of language beyond its direct meaning. This is one of those droids." (Uh oh. Again, probably not ideal for a negotiator....)

Built to enhance the resources of the A-Squad, "Caspo' serves to lend assistance to his masters in any way that his programming allows. His chassis was constructed of discarded droid parts from the bottom of the Kizer Rift. Although he lacks an appealing outer shell, Caspo is a capable negotiator and social droid. He is a practical reservoir of galactic knowledge.

Caspo is extremely efficient and literal while having no use for humor, sarcasm, or chit-chat. The subtleties of organic conversation are often lost on him.

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