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Doctor Who


Post by Doctor Who » Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:56 am

Doctor Who

Years playing RPGs: 6 years
RPGs played/GM'd:
  • Pathfinder (+GM) [A lot, like, I'm in 4 games IRL and one as a PbP right now]
  • DnD 5e
  • Star Wars Saga Edition
  • Star Wars by Fantasy Flight (+GM)
Computer RPGs played: KotOR II, never really did computer gaming
PBP experience: since 2012, my first foray into internet land was a Saga Edition focused PbP website
RPGs I'd like to play: Genesys, Exalted, FATE
Self-professed GM style: Generally chill, but won't roll over
Self-professed playing style: I love support rolls and knowledge seekers, so wizards and space wizards are what I like to play in any setting. Wuxia, gish style characters are also something I love to play
Give me about 5 minutes after a post, I'll probably edit it a bit before it is finalized.

Currently in Grad School, so if I go dark for a day, just a heads up it may just be a crazy day.

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