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Post by DeepSpacer » Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:32 am

Years playing RPG's - Started playing in the mid 90s. I was walking around wondering where all my friends were. They were playing WEG Star Wars and Advanced D&D (2nd Ed). I walked into the room out of boredom and my friend asked me to "guest-roll" some D-sixes for an NPC. I rolled nearly all 5's & 6's and I was asked to leave by the players. :lol:

Otherwise, all my other friends had childhood experience with RPG's. It took me about 2 years to come around. It gave us something to do together. We currently (Pathfinder, mainly, with SW FFG mixed in) play every-other-week, two at the table, two people by video chat. Yet, sometimes those game fall through due to illness or work schedules. Friends and Nemeses is where I get my Star Wars fix.

RPG's played/GM'd
D&D 2nd & 3rd Ed. + 5e
Savage Worlds

GM'd - Star Wars FFG/SAGA, Pathfinder, D&D 2nd & 3rd Ed.

Console RPG's played
- not much. Did some KOTOR on the old Xbox.

PBP experience - just here at and its previous versions. I started a brief Pathfinder page for my group, but it didn't take. Strangely, one guy keeps bringing it up from time to time.

RPG's you'd like to play - Maybe some Savage Worlds. Perhaps some old WEG SW. Maybe Call of Cthulhu.

Self-professed GM style - Cinematic, the game should flow (in PBP) and not get hung up on details unless it affects an important outcome. I'd rather hand-wave something through than get bogged down. The same goes in live RPG. For example, I don't necessarily need to calculate a ship's cargo to the final credit or gold piece. I'd much rather keep it open-ended in order to use it in the story later. Suffice it to say, the cargo is valuable.

Rolls should have consequence, i.e. don't have them roll for something you intend to happen anyways. Players should be put in a place to use the skills and talents they've chosen. Outcomes are open-ended, we can't know the outcomes of the rolls ahead of time. I dislike pre-made adventures or modules and have never run (or played in) any to completion.

If a game is stalled out or moving along slowly, then it is time for the GM to 'jump ahead' to another scene. It is okay to make some assumptions about what characters might do if the players have been not posting for about a week. That usually means that someone is waiting on the other one. In which case, the onus is on the GM to initiate.

My favorite GM and playing aspect is working into the story movie lines from various 70's, 80's and 90's movies. :)

In Star Wars, I am a movie guy. I am reading Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy novels at the moment and enjoying them IMMENSELY!! Sorry I waited so long to read them. However, not a big fan of stuff outside of IV, V & VI. Not much experience in the EU, comics, cartoons, or other novels, although I basically know what is contained in them and am content to play in those eras / genres / alt-univ.s'.

Self-professed playing style
I've found that I enjoy playing free-spirited characters the most (Barbarians, Rogues). Anything with a driven spirit in them. I really need to have a clear purpose. I usually need to find a fantasy or movie character to base them off of to develop any personality. I find that playing something I didn't grow up experiencing (Paladins, Monks, non-movie Star Wars characters) is a futile effort. I can just never get into them.
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Re: DeepSpacer


Post by swrider » Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:28 pm

You played on the old friends and nemeses at freeforums as well.

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