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Post by ShadoWarrior » Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:06 am

Years playing RPGs: since 1979 (you do the math)
RPGs played/GM'd (in chronological order from when first played and/or GM'd):
  • Traveller [the original version] (+GM)
  • AD&D [1e, 2e, 3e, 3.5e] (+GM)
  • Paranoia
  • Champions
  • Chivalry & Sorcery (+GM)
  • Space Opera (as a GM only)
  • Shadowrun [1e, 4e, 5e]
  • Star Wars [WEG] (+GM)
  • Harnmaster (as a GM only)
  • Twilight 2000 (+GM)
  • Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century (as a GM only)
  • Vampire: The Masquerade
  • Star Wars [d20 & Saga] (+GM)
  • Star Trek [FASA, LUG, and Decipher versions] (as a GM only)
  • Vampire: Requiem
  • Exalted [1e, 2e]
  • Twilight 2013 (as a GM only)
  • Star Wars [FFG] (+GM)
Computer RPGs played: Too many to list
My vote for all-time best CRPG: Deus Ex
PBP experience: since 1997, when I started running BL23C via listserve
RPGs I'd like to play: Shadowrun, anything by White Wolf
Self-professed GM style: hard-ass, grammar nazi (triggers OCD in me)
Self-professed playing style: power gamer + roleplayer

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Re: ShadoWarrior


Post by Doctor Who » Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:58 am

I really want to get into Vampire: The Masquerade (well, Mage: the Ascension more, but whatever) and Exalted at some point. you have an impressive resume of games.
Give me about 5 minutes after a post, I'll probably edit it a bit before it is finalized.

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