Commander Montgomery “Monty” Peppard

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Commander Montgomery “Monty” Peppard


Post by DeepSpacer » Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:39 am

Character Name ... Commander Montgomery “Monty” Peppard
Species ... Human
Career ... Hired Gun
Specialization ... Mercenary
Obligation ... (+10XP option)
Criminal (10): Framed for the Bank of Coruscant Robbery.
Dutybound (10): Monty still feels a strong sense of obligation to his men (i.e. the soldiers under his command). Whether it is clearing them of charges fulfilling an obligation made to them.
Eyes ... Hair ... Height m, Weight kg
Characteristics … (90xp) Br 2, Ag 4, Int 2, Cun 2, Will 3, Pres 3
Soak Value 3 (2), Wounds 14 (10+2+2), Strain 13 (10+3), Defenses 1/1

Experience Points Spent/Unspent: (460Total) 460/0 Attributes(90) + Talents(265) + Skills(80) + Specializations(0) + Force Powers(25)

Skills ... (80pts) Athletics(1), Discipline(2), P-Planetary(1), Resilience(1), Vigilance(1), Brawl(1), Melee(1), Ranged(Light)(1), Leadership(3+2B's), Gunnery(1), Ranged(Heavy)(3), *Cool(1), *Coercion(1) (*Human Bonus*)

Talents ... (265pts) Command(5/15), Confidence(10), Point Blank(5/10), Side Step(5), Second Wind (5/10), Strong Arm(10), Improved Field Commander(15/20), Natural Marksman(15), Toughened (20), Lethal Blows (20), True Aim (25/25), Dedication (25), Deadly Accuracy (25)
***Quick Draw (by weapon), +10% to Critical Hit.
ImpFldComm: AVG Leadership check. Can +1 Strain for One Maneuver. Spend TRIUMPH for an Action, instead.
(Incidental: Second Wind, reduce strain by '2' {once per encounter})
(Maneuver: +1 strain, upgrade incoming ranged attacks by '1')
(Once per Session, re-roll one Ranged (Light/Heavy) check)
(Confidence: decrease difficulty of Fear Checks by '1')
True Aim (x2): maneuver to Aim and Upgrade TWICE
Deadly Accuracy: R-Heavy 3 Ranks. +3D to a Hit.

Equipment ... Encumbrance … 14/14 (5 + 2 Brawn + 6 Military Pack + 1 Utility Belt)
{{rifle 4, pistol 2, knife 1, bino 1, grenades 4, rope 1, 1 respirator}}
Armored Clothing: 1,000cr, Soak 1, Def 1, R6 enc3
Heavy Clothing (Soak 1, 50cr), Extra Reload,
Hold-out Blaster (5D, 4cr, short, 1hp, 1enc, 200cr+50)-FiledSight (QuickDraw)
Vibro-Knife (+1D, 2cr, 1enc, 2hps, 150cr+50, Pierce 2, Vicious 2*)-Serrated
Glow Rod, respirator, Syntherope

Offense … +2 Damage at Short or Engaged. +3 Damage with R-Heavy.
Blaster Rifle 9D 3cr long (+1 Accuracy, Quick Draw, -1 Diff from Long/Extreme, -1 SB from attack) (No autofire. Yes Stun Setting.)
(Weapon Sling, Telescopic Sight, Custom Grip (w/ +1 Accuracy) Enc 4

+10% Critical Hit
Heavy Blaster Pistol 8D +2 PB (+1 Setback, +1 Advantage) (out of ammo on 2 Thr or Despair) 3cr, medium, 3hps, 2enc

Hold-out Blaster (5D+2 PB, 4cr, short, 1hp, 1enc, 200cr)

(Encumbrance 10) ---
(2/2) Concussion Grenades (10D, 5cr, Blast 8, Conc 2, Disorient 5)
(1/1) Ion Grenades (10D, 5cr, Blast 7, Disorient 5, Ion)
(1/1) Frag Grenades (8D, 4cr, Blast 6)

Credits … 4,712cr

Force Powers....
BASIC POWER (10/5): spend PIP to stress the mind of engaged target (+1 strain); DS for bad thoughts, LS for good thoughts.
CONTROL (15): Coercion, Charm, Deception, Leadership, or Negotiation. Spend LS-only PIP for Success or Advantage
RANGE (5): short
Magnitude (5): +1 additional per LS PIP spent

Pale-skinned, human male. Tall, slim, youthful, short-black hair, light-brown eyes. A very light 3-line scar on his left cheek.

Montgomery Peppard (Monty) was a graduate of a nondescript military academy on Coruscant, sent there by his father to ‘discipline’ his eldest son. He subsequently attended a leadership academy where he was one of the most inspiring leaders from his class despite the school’s small class size and relatively unknown status. Upon graduating, Montgomery began serving in the Republic Army by policing the streets in the underbelly of Coruscant.

Montgomery’s father, Horton Peppard, may not have survived the Battle of Coruscant. With hundreds of billions of inhabitants, it can be difficult to keep track of people the chaos that took the lives of millions.

Monty often totes a tabac cigar as he flashes a wide grin during interactions with people. He usually has a plan in-mind for every situation and the wheels are always turning with what he likes to call “possibilities”. Whether the plan turned out perfectly or wildly chaotic, he frequently exclaims, “I love it when a plan comes together!” Peppard is: confident, honest, pragmatic, controlled, deliberate, vigilant, adaptable, supportive, courteous, charming, engaging, evasive, and traditional.
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XP, Credits, & Purchases


Post by DeepSpacer » Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:41 am

Current Condition:
WT: 0/14 (Soak = 3; Defense 1/1)
ST: 2/13

Encounter Expenditures
14/14 encumbrance

8/23/17 - Posted Character. 110xp + 10xp. Spend 20 earned XP on Strong Arm and Second Wind.
9/29/17 - +10xp, +500cr
1/11/18 - adds a blaster rifle and clip. Infra-binoculars.
1/21/18 - +20xp. Spent 30xp on Field Commander and Command.
3/4/18 - +5xp.
9/16/18 - +25xp. Spent 30xp on Improved Field Commander & Point Blank.
12/17/18 - +35xp
3/17/19 - +15xp
8/6/19 - +20xp
10/11/19 - +10xp. Spent 45xp on Toughened (20), 25 on skills.
12/17/19 - +15xp. Gained 20k credits.
01/24/20 - Spent 13,750cr on ship
10/16/20 - +35xp. Bought Lethal Blows (20) and True Aim (25).
2/16/21 - +25xp. +1k credits (to slave girls). Bought 3rd Ranks in R-Heavy and Leadership.
3/7/21 - -4K credits to buy Cortosis for BA
8/19/21 - +25xp. Purchased Dedication (Agility)
9/30/21 - +25xp for Force Powers. Purchased Influence 25pts. Basic, Control, Range, Magnitude.
12/25/23 - +55xp. Purchased True Aim and Deadly Accuracy (50xp) 5xp Brawl

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