Gonan Quarand

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Gonan Quarand


Post by DeepSpacer » Mon Jan 18, 2021 12:04 am

Character Name ... Gonan Quarand
Species ... Aqualish - Quara
Career ... Bounty Hunter
Specialization ... Martial Artist
Obligation ... 
>> 10 Criminal (Wanted)
>> 8 Responsibility (Guild)
Duty ... 10 Red Death
Motivation: Prestige (Earn respect, Lord-it over others)
Characteristics … (90+10pts) Br 4, Ag 3, Int 1, Cun 2, Will 3, Pres 2
Soak Value 6 (4+2), Wounds 15 (11+4), Strain 11 (8+3), Defenses 0/0

Skills ... (10pts) Athletics 2, Brawl 2, {{*Coercion 1}}, Coordination (-SB), Discipline 1, Perception 1, Piloting(Planetary), Piloting(Space), Ranged(Heavy) 1, {{Resilience -SB}}, Streetwise 1, Vigilance 1,
(*) Non-career [Species: 1R Brawl, 1R Coercion]
(*) Tracking ( -SB)

Talents ... (10pts) Iron Body(5), Precision Strike(5),

*Iron Body: Unarmed Attacks -1 Crit Rating; remove SB from Coordination and Resilience checks
*Precision Strike: +1 Strain to inflict ANY Easy Critical with a Critical
*Remove Setback Die when Tracking in Natural Environment
*Breaths in water.

Padded Armor (+2 Soak)

Czerka Vibroknuckles (350cr) +1D, 2cr (1cr w/ Iron Body), Pierce 1, Vicious 1, add Setback to detect
Brass Knuckles (25cr) +1D, 4cr (3cr w/ Iron Body), Disorient 3, add Setback to detect
Blaster Pistol: 6D 3cr 3hps enc1 Medium Range
(+1 Accuracy, -1 Setback, 1st Attack = +2 Success, +1 Threat, +2 SB to hear)
Custom Grip w/ Mod, Blast Suppressor, Set Trigger

Encumbrance … 4/14 (5+4Br+1belt+backpack)
Vibroknuckles, Brass Knuckles, BP, assorted items,

Equipment ...
Stimpacks (4)(25cr), Utility Belt (25cr), Scanner Goggles (150cr, 0enc), Comlink, Glowrods (2), Backpack,
(Backup/Stash): Brass Knuckle, Blaster Pistol,

Credits … 51,803cr (50k off Lt.)
2/10/21: +6K, -1,200 (20%), 2,700 spent on items
- Two Vamblades (1k for both) BR+1D, 3cr, enc2, 1hp, R4, (Defensive 1, Sunder, Accurate 1)...cannot do strain... extend blade as incidental, on wrist mounted durasteel
- 1k each for Mono-molecular Edge: -1 crits, R5, Two Pierce Mods
Experience: 120 (20 earned) (Starting: 90 + 10 obligation)
Points Spent: (120) = Attributes (100) + Talents (10) + Skills (10) + Specializations (0)

Gonan is large, bulky, and strikes an intimidating pose. He usually pays little attention to his grooming and instead focuses on an item's utility in combat. He has greenish-grey skin and usually has an orangish-brown vest on. Two large, black eyes and five-fingered hands.

Gonan is a Quara from the Aqualish home planet of Ando. He lacked a true last name and instead took up one derived from his race. The Quara are the least numerous and most aggressive Aqualish, but often live off-planet because they are persecuted on Ando. He’s been down-and-out for some time and has had to fight for everything he has. He makes his living the only way he knows how….by force. However, most of the galaxy does not function like life on Ando, so he soon found himself stunned into submission by planetary security forces and jailed. It was in prison that a Red Death associate took note of Gonan’s talents and recruited him to the guild in exchange for his freedom (Obligation 10: Responsibility-Guild). Since then, Gonan has developed quite a reputation slugging his way through the streets of the criminal world (Obligation 10: Wanted). His favorite type of work is collecting bounties on weak, unsuspecting targets.

All Aqualish culture is based on belligerence, strength, and violent physical confrontations. Brutality and conflict are the norm. They tend to welcome new acquaintances with confrontational behavior meant to test their strength and resolve. Any signs of weakness are met with continued persecution. Aqualish speak in abrasive and harsh tones due to their physiology. This is what Gonan has lived under and it is the only way that he knows.

"Gonan" is a name-homage to Conan the Barbarian. Not necessarily a Martial Artist, in the typical sense. He simply fights with his hands. Using the Bounty Hunter Spec for him is an experiment in building a Brawn-based character. The BH Career will also let him pick up valuable additional Specs in the future.

The Incredible Hulk, Conan the Barbarian,
Memorable Quotes
Gonan begins to "see red". He thinks to himself, "I'm going to rip that little man's head off and puke dead fish down his severed throat!" He looks up from the ground in the pit with his dark, soulless eyes and emits a string of moans and grunts in Aqualish."Mrung-oorg-gon-ola?"
Translation: What do you think you're doing ****hole?

"Gonan....understand..." as Gonan puts his left hand on the right shoulder of the password man. However, it is the right hand the man should have been keeping an eye on as Gonan delivers a right cross to the man's jaw with his vibroknuckles. "Gonan in generous mood, too!!!"

Gonan grabs the knife, the pistol, and all the other weapons and tucks them into his belt. In a moment of clarity, Gonan pauses and looks up (as to the source of the voice)....."You drop Gonan IN PIT!!! You make Gonan fight! Now you tell Gonan what to do! NO!!! Gonan do what he wants to do!" He tries to break down the door or bust the lock by force.

Then he looks at the guard on the other side of the door. "Gonan will kill YOU last!"

“Gonan is but pawn in game of life.”
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XP & Character Progression


Post by DeepSpacer » Mon Jan 18, 2021 12:08 am

Wound Threshold: 12/15
13 - 6 Soak = 7 wounds
11 - 6 Soak = 5 wounds

Critical Injury: 70% (Avg) No Boost dice until end of the encounter.

Strain Threshold: 10/11
(Recovery is Discipline or Cool)
+2 to Aim (did 11D)
+2 2x Aim (3S, 3A)
+2 2x Aim (4S, 3A), -2 Spend 2 Advs
-1 for 1 Adv (1S, 1 A)
+2 2x Aim (1F, 4A), -1 for 1 Adv
+2/-1Adv (2F)
1Adv/-1 strain (0/1)
+2 for shrapnel from window
(((Piloting Upgraded Twice inside building to land or maneuver.)))
+2 Strain of extra maneuver (pick up crate)
+2 Strain from 2 Threats
+1/-1 Strain: Precision Strike and 1 Adv spent

Character Progression
11/22/17: +10xp. Spent 10xp on Talents Iron Body(5) & Precision Strike(5),
01/17/21: migrated to 'The Red Death: Revisited' forum.
02/07/21: +10xp, +10 Duty, -2 Oblig.: Resp. Spent 10xp on 1R Perception, 1R Streetwise.
04/27/21: +50k, blaster pistol, brass knuckles.

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