Members of 'The Red Death'

An Edge of the Empire game by swrider.
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Members of 'The Red Death'


Post by DeepSpacer » Sat Feb 06, 2021 8:37 pm

NPC's Introduced

'The Grandfather' (Sirius Gynn) -

Dreg, a skinny reptilian alien Trandoshan. He guards the front area. Handed Gonan the datapad with the bounty.

Vibro, a fellow henchman on a job with Gonan.

Possible Names to Use

Ruel Wynn,

Marr Baden,

Kala Kyema, a Falleen female, subtle and scheming, it is said, "You never see her coming until it is too late!"


The Brothers, Tomax and Xamot

Tinker, a slow, rotund henchman (Gamorrean?)

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