The Planet of Druckenwell

An Edge of the Empire game by swrider.
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The Planet of Druckenwell


Post by DeepSpacer » Wed Jan 20, 2021 6:09 am

A corporate world with, basically, a class system and lots of factories and warehouses. 9.3 billion inhabitants, over-crowded, very urban, most of land is developed, lots of oceans, some wetlands. Areas were well-planned and the elite were given better abodes than the working class.
Home of BlasTech Industries
BlasTech Industries was one of the galaxy's top three arms manufacturers, with Merr-Sonn and SoroSuub being its main competitors. BlasTech was the market leader in the manufacture of personal energy weapons and light artillery. BlasTech was most famous for its blaster weapons, though the company also manufactured a number of starship weapons including turbolasers, ion cannons and missiles.

The City of Taggon
Taggon was a city that was located on the planet Druckenwell, and was home to the Tagge Company (TaggeCo) and House D'Vails during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. It was the site of a number of factories and warehouses.
Botcha's Cantina
Botcha's was a rundown bar that was located in the factory district of the planet Druckenwell. Three Ugnaught bartenders worked there and a raised walkway was fitted to allow them to reach the bar. The cost of drinks in the bar ranged from 2 credits to 10 credits. The Besalisk information broker Fenix liked to hang out there.

The Red Fury Brotherhood (pirate group) The rival gang moving in on The Red Death's territory.
Near-constant infighting and assassinations prevented either group from growing, absorbing other groups, or carrying out any plans against rival crimelord Nirama. The Brotherhood pirates wore non-personalized badges for identification. During this time, the Brotherhood also owned and operated Burnout, a space station in the Thaereian system.

The pirates included representatives of many species, the most conspicuous of which was the organization's chief gunner, who had two heads. Other members included a cloaked reptilian, a pair of fanged blue bipeds, a squat purple being, a yellow being with one horn, and a gray alien with eyestalks.

Nirama was an Oblee male who worked both as accountant for the criminal organization of Riboga the Hutt, and later as Riboga's personal majordomo. He achieved greater success as the crime lord who controlled all crime in the Cularin system, notorious for his opposition to slavery.

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