Combat Initiative and round.

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Combat Initiative and round.


Post by swrider » Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:34 pm

As a general rule combat should be avoided unless absolutely necessary or a requirement of the mission. When possible combat should be initiated from a position of advantage. That is initiated when the enemy does not know it will occur (is surprised) or is at a major tactical disadvantage.

Initiative order is determined using one of two methods.
  1. when both sides are aware of the other opposing observation checks are utilized. A group check is made for each side of an engagement. The highest observation score has the first initiative slot. All characters in the winning group take their rounds before the other group.
  2. When one side is hidden from the other. initiative is determined using stealth of the hidden group vs observation of the other group. Any modifiers to stealth may be added to this check (i.e camouflaged fighting positions)

Note: at the GMs discretion each character can roll an initiative slot and act on their own turn. Grouping combatants into limited initiative slots facilitates tracking, however, it does grant a significant power advantage to the winning group.

Characters combat round.
use skill / Move/ Drop/kneel.
On a characters turn to act they are afforded the opportunity to do one of the following: a character may run (behind cover for example), a character may use a skill (First Aid, pistol, sub-machine, etc...) or a character may drop to the ground or kneel.

Characters which are kneeling gain +10 to the use of the pistol, rifle, and sub-machine skills.
Characters which are prone (lying on ground) gain +20 to the use of the sub-machine and rifle skills, Attacks with a pistol gain no advantage or disadvantage from this position.


When a non-prone character moves on their turn a single enemy character, who has not yet done so in this round, may make an attack with utilizing any ranged weapon skill besides grenades.

If the character is moving in the crouched (kneel) position the attack against the character is made at a -20, but the character moves at half speed.

A prone character is able to move without giving the enemy an opportunity to shoot, however, the character is only able to move at 1/4 of their full movement speed.

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