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Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2018 12:35 am
by SavageBob
Years playing RPG's - Oh, dear. Over thirty. First played D&D 2nd ed. in grade school but had to stop when the teacher told my mom, who freaked out. Started back up in the 90s when I discovered games that didn't have "evil" stuff in them. Yeah, it was that kind of family.

RPG's played/GM'd
D&D 2nd ed.
Star Wars WEG
TMNT & Other Strangeness
D&D 3rd ed.
FFG Star Wars
Various games Powered by Apocalypse

GM'd - Star Wars WEG, TOON, Star Wars FFG

Console RPG's played
- Tons and tons and tons. This was my childhood, ever since the first Zelda and Final Fantasy.

PBP experience - Played a wee bit on dial-up BBS's back in the '90s. I played a Star Wars game over at the official FFG forums that was lots of fun, but the GM up and disappeared. I came here seeking out more games, and that's the extent of it.

RPG's you'd like to play - More Genesys.

Self-professed GM style - Collaborative, improvisational. Gaming is an exercise in partnership between the GM and players. The GM should craft the story so that the PCs get a chance to be the heroes, while the players should be courteous enough to show up, pay attention, and throw themselves into navigating the scenario and making it better. I tend to design open-ended adventures with no single path to get from beginning to end.

I prefer GMing for players who enjoy narrative and problem-solving more than they enjoy min-maxing, but I also understand that getting XP and gear rewards is like a Skinner box that keeps people coming back. In real-life games, I ask players to reserve rules questions till after a session, but it's easier to raise rules issues in a PbP game.

Self-professed playing style
This varies. I often like modeling my characters after some fictional character and then letting the character develop a distinct personality as play progresses. Other times, I just find a cool piece of character art on Pinterest or another source and design a character to match it. I mix it up with regard to party roles; I've enjoyed playing healers, tanks, support characters, faces, and rogues, and all offer different joys and challenges.