Trixie Ulan'Jani, female Twi'lek Consular

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Trixie Ulan'Jani, female Twi'lek Consular


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Character Name ... Trixie Ulan’Jani
Species ... Twi’lek Female (-1SB in arid conditions) 100 10/11
Skin … Blue with slight, brown-orange detailed tendrils
Career/Specialization ... (20pts)
Consular - Niman Disciple / Arbiter
Morality ... 72 (50+6+7+10-1) >>> Automatic Light-side Force Point each Adventure.
Emotional Strength … Compassion. Wants to help those she comes across and her compassion may lead to self-sacrifice to aid those who need it.
Emotional Weakness … Weakness. May let evil persist because it is too difficult to deal with.
Motivation ... Cause: Help the Helpless. Trixie seeks to give voice to the voiceless, and help those who cannot help themselves.

Characteristics … (110pts) Br 1, Ag 2, Int 2, Cun 2, Will 4, Pres 4
Soak Value 2 (1+1), Wounds 13 (10+1+2), Strain 16 (11+4+1),
Defenses: Melee (1*when armed) / Ranged (0)

Skills ... (25pts) Cool (1), {Charm (1 + BB) (racial) +1/Upgrade In/Out}, {Coercion (+ BB)}, {Deception (+ BB)}, Discipline* (2), Kn: Education (0), Kn: Lore (0), Kn: Xenology (0), Leadership* (2), Lightsaber* (1)(Will), Negotiation*(2 - SB) (+1/Upgrade In/Out), Perception (1), {Streetwise (- SB)},
(Italic skills are non-career skills)
Talents ... (105pts) Parry (5), Nobody’s Fool (5/5), Reflect (5/15), Grit (5), Niman Technique (10), Defensive Training (10). Sense Emotions (15/5), Savvy Negotiator (5), Congenial (10), Toughened (10),
> Use Willpower instead of brawn for Lightsaber checks.
> Wielded weapons gains Defensive Quality = Ranks in Defensive Training
> Parry: suffer 3 strain to reduce damage by *3* (2 +ranks [1] in Parry)
> Reflect: suffer 3 strain to reduce damage by *4* (2 + ranks [2] in Reflect)

> Nobody's Fool (x2): upgrade incoming Charm, Coercion, Deception checks (TWICE)
> ((INCIDENTAL)) Suffer +1 Strain to Downgrade the Difficulty of outgoing Charm and Negotiation checks. OR, Upgrade the Difficulty of incoming ones.

Force Powers ... [Force Rating 2] (70pts)
Suppress (45pts) (Basic 5(10), Duration 5, Strength 5, Control 10/10/10)
Spend D/L Pip to add (3) Failures equal to Pips spent (max 3). Commit Force-Die to sustain effects.
Commit one or more Force-Dice. When targeted, reduce Pips rolled by one per die committed.
Commit. (Control) Spend a DP to use Suppress as an out-of-turn Incidental.

Influence (35pts) (Basic 5(10), Range 5, Control 10/15)
Range(5): Short
Control (10): Opposed Disc vs Disc check with Influence Check. “Force the target to adopt an emotional state or believe something untrue for 1R-5min”
Control (15): roll Influence check to gain either Success or Advantage; usable on Coercion, Charm, Deception, leadership, or Negotiation.

Equipment ...
Basic Lightsaber (Damage: 6; Critical: 2; Breach 1, Sunder) Enc 1
Training Robes, Jedi Utility Belt (1,000cr)
A Jedi utility belt contains a three-day supply of food capsules, an emergency medpac, a Jedi multi-tool, a slim glow rod, a comlink, and an aquata breather.
Breath Mask 25cr R1 Enc 1
Blood Scanner 400cr R5 Enc 1
Reinforced Environmental Gear 850cr Sk 1 R4 Enc 2 (Boost to resist toxins)
General Purpose Scanner 500cr R3 Enc 2
Hand Scanner (Bio signs and contaminants) 100cr R2
Credits … cr

Encumbrance … 7/9 (5 + Brawn (+1) + 1 Utility Belt + 2 Backpack)

Experience Points ...
340 = 100 + 10 Morality + 90 earned from GM + 140 earned from gameplay
Total/Spent/Unspent ... 340/340/(0)
Points Spent: Attributes (110) + Talents (105) + Skills (25) Force Powers (80) + Specializations (20) + (0) unspent

Cultural: the poor and hungry.
Experiencing the Force: a pragmatic power.
Heeding the Call: with great power...

Trixie was freed from slavery as a youngling and spent many years on Dantooine after that. She has few memories of her parents, but they are fond ones. She sometimes finds that a good place to go back to when she feels fearful. Trixie enjoyed the peacefulness of Dantooine and is uneasy about venturing away from such solitude. She dislikes the (effectively) sunless Umbara and cannot wait to leave that place.

Trixe Ulan’Jani is frail in stature, but stout in resolve. When she gets her mind set on something, she gets it done. She prefers peace to conflict and will sometimes hesitate to engage in combat. However, her resolute resolve makes her a competent opponent. She’s been known to be stubborn to the point of disobedience. The truth is what she prefers to work with and feels that truth and honesty are powers that run through the universe.

The Force
Trixie is not sure why she was born with an aptitude for the Force, but she is glad to have it. She makes sure to use its power to settle conflicts, not create them. Overall, she believes the Force is a force of goodness in the galaxy. Those who embrace the Dark Side are (she believes) perverting an otherwise good power. Trixie believe in utility over magnitude when it comes to maturing her talents. She prefers to learn something new rather than fine-tune existing powers (which she finds a bit monotonous).
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XP, Morality, & Credits


Post by DeepSpacer » Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:32 am

Wound Threshold: 2/13

Strain Threshold: 5/16
(Recovery is Discipline or Cool)

**Get Def Tr and Parry.

Character Progression
4/17/18 - Campaign begins for Trixie Ulan'Jani (200xp)
10/1/18 - +15xp. Purchased Control(Suppress) for 10xp & Lightsaber (5xp)
2/12/19 - +10xp (Force Powers), +10xp (regular). Purchased Control Upgrade (Suppress. 10xp), Rank in Leadership (5xp). Saved 5xp.
2/18/19 - +6 Morality.
9/2/19 - +20xp + 7 Morality. Purchased Sense Emotions (15xp) & Leadership (10xp)
12/29/19 - +5xp. Saved.
05/05/20 - +20xp. Spent 20xp on Arbiter Specialization. Spent 5xp on Sense Emotions.
03/04/21 - +20xp.
05/24/21 - Spent 5xp on Nobody's Fool, 5xp on Savvy Negotiator, and 10xp on Congenial
06/02/21 - -1 Morality (1d10-2)
08/19/21 - +10xp. Spent 10xp on Suppress: Control (Now does 3 Failures)
10/31/22 - +30xp. Toughened (10pts), Reflect (15pts), 1R in Perception (5pts)

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Player "Notes to Self"


Post by DeepSpacer » Sat Jul 18, 2020 4:38 pm

The Datapads, The Trail
Am I reading it right (in-character) to say that Penre does NOT want a cure to be brought back? That he wants "help" in eradicating the Sith and NOT help with the Jedi Academies?And that returning to Ossus would put us in direct conflict with him?

Sete is the guy that owned biocorp, and is apparently the one that did the attack on that summit.Sete seems to be saying he did whatever is happening to Jedi academies.

Gil was the other former apprentice of Curvian, who said he was going to look in to Sete.

The first one appears to be a bunch of star chart information, although it is enciphered in some way and Varc can't quite make heads or tails of it. The other two are both manifests of transports of goods from the Nespis VIII spaceport to several locations, one of which is clearly this location due to what is being shipped there ("SUNNY PICNIC"), the others are pseudonyms that Varc can't quite make out ("GLORIOUS ANTHEM" and "MOONLIT FRACTURE"). Given time, and the fuel usage involved in the manifests, Varc thinks if he got some particularly good astrogators together they could figure out a range of potential planets for those choices, but looking at it like this all he could do is guess.

Varc recognizes the name Nespiss VIII, it's where Lyriss said she and her master had been kidnapped.

Varc and Trixie scan through the one other datapad that they managed to unlock. It appears to be logs of holonet conversations between two people. Varc doesn't recognize either of them, although one appears to be dressed as a Coruscant Jedi Temple guard. The conversations are mostly status updates from the Temple guard to the other person, and cover things like movements of unspecified items, coded phrases, and, most interestingly, the phrase "cosmic turbine" said several times in conjunction with "GLORIOUS ANTHEM."
* - Anaxes was the throneworld of the Azure Imperium, one of the pre-Republic polities that eventually helped form the Republic. As such it has one of the oldest still operational Naval training facilities in the galaxy.

* - The Republic Navy War College hosts a huge number of foreign students, facilitating the training of executive and management level Republic Navy officers. It even boasts a connected Jedi facility, co-located with the Republic Survey Corps, which has one of its headquarters on Anaxes. Historically force sensitives have allowed ships to traverse dangerous regions of space, and the Jedi Order still loans out both fully trained Jedi and force sensitives that failed initiation trials.

* - Several recently discovered Pius Dea era vaults containing now proscribed military hardware and biological and chemical weapons are currently being excavated and disposed of by several large corporations, hired by the Republic. Among them is BioCorp.

* - the Azure Hammer Command is the fleet tasked with defending Coruscant and its sector of the galaxy. They are based on Anaxes and are descended from the unparalleled, for its time, Azure Imperium forces that bolstered the early proto-Republic.

* - the planet Axum, in the same system, as Anaxes, is a much larger industrial powerhouse, but has less political power and is not as well known on the galactic stage.

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