Lyriss Nuhndi - Mirialan Jedi Padawan

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Lyriss Nuhndi - Mirialan Jedi Padawan


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Character Name: Lyriss Nuhndi
Species: Mirialan
Career: Guardian
Specialization: Soresu Defender

Emotional Weakness:
Weakness – There is a fine line between showing mercy to one’s foes and letting evil fester because it does not want to engage with it
Emotional Strength:
Compassion – She cares about the tribulations others face, and wants to help those he comes across.

Characteristics: BR 4 AG 3 INT 2 CU 1 WIS 3 PR 2
WT: 17 ST: 14
Soak: 5
Melee Defense: 1 Ranged Defense: 1

Discipline +2
Cool +1
Vigilance +2
Resilience +1
Lightsaber +1

Defensive Stance [-5xp]
Toughened [-5xp]
Grit I [-10xp]
Parry I [-15xp]
Defensive Stance II [-20xp]
Reflect I [-20xp]
Improved Reflect [-25xp]
Defensive Circle [-15xp]

Force Powers:
Sense Basic Power [-5xp]
Control [-10xp]

Force Rating: 2

[120xp Spent]

Basic Lightsaber
Heavy Robes

Lyriss was born on the planet of Mirial to a pair of middle class Mirialan of little note as she was taken by the temple from her parents before she could form lasting memories of them or any of her blood relatives. She was raised by Mirialan Jedi in the Mirial temple through out her youngling years, moving to Couruscant towards the end of her training where she recently managed to pass her trails to become a padawan learner. There was little conflict or intrigue in her story thus far. In fact, Lyriss represented the ideal and average Jedi candidate. She was raised with out attachments and instilled from a young age with ideals of the order. She took the values of the order, as well the Mirialan relegion, deeply to heart, and strived to spread charity, compassion, and peace where ever she could. Though a padawan often received little free time, In what time she had she would often volunteer at the local Coruscant undercity homeless shelter, baking traditional Mirial pastries and soup for the needy.

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Re: Lyriss Nuhndi - Mirialan Jedi Padawan


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Which control did you take? didn't catch that before.
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Re: Lyriss Nuhndi - Mirialan Jedi Padawan


Post by Illuminotter » Sun Nov 17, 2019 2:00 pm

Left side, sorry

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